What to Know to Build an AI Chatbot with NLP in Python

It is used to find similarities between documents or to perform NLP-related tasks. It also reduces carbon footprint and computation cost and saves developers time in training the model from scratch. By addressing these challenges, we can enhance the accuracy of chatbots and enable them to better interact like human beings. Here, the input can either be text or speech and the chatbot acts accordingly.

Which language is best for chatbot?

Java. You can choose Java for its high-level features that are needed to build an Artificial Intelligence chatbot. Coding is also seamless because of its refined interface. Java's portability is what makes it ideal for chatbot development.

An untrained instance of ChatterBot starts off with no knowledge of how to communicate. Each time a user enters a statement, the library saves the text that they entered and the text
that the statement was in response to. As ChatterBot receives more input the number of responses
that it can reply and the accuracy of each response in relation to the input statement increase. Developers can send a request to the API with the desired functionality and input text, and the API will return the appropriate response. The API can be accessed through various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and Ruby, making it easy to integrate with different types of applications. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Python and the ChatGPT API to create a simple chatbot that can carry on a conversation with users.

How to call openAI API using Python

Chatbots can provide real-time customer support and are therefore a valuable asset in many industries. When you understand the basics of the ChatterBot library, you can build and train a self-learning chatbot with just a few lines of Python code. A chatbot is a computer program that simulates and processes human conversation. It allows users to interact with digital devices in a manner similar to if a human were interacting with them. There are different types of chatbots too, and they vary from being able to answer simple queries to making predictions based on input gathered from users.

  • In this article, we have learned how to make a chatbot in python using the ChatterBot library using the flask framework.
  • We thus have to preprocess our text before using the Bag-of-words model.
  • You can build an industry-specific chatbot by training it with relevant data.
  • The quality and preparation of your training data will make a big difference in your chatbot’s performance.
  • A JSON file by the name ‘intents.json’, which will contain all the necessary text that is required to build our chatbot.
  • It also reduces carbon footprint and computation cost and saves developers time in training the model from scratch.

In this module, you will get in-depth knowledge of the various processes that play a role in the architecture of chatbots. As we saw, building a rule-based chatbot is a laborious process. In a business environment, a chatbot could chatbot using python be required to have a lot more intent depending on the tasks it is supposed to undertake. We use the RegEx Search function to search the user input for keywords stored in the value field of the keywords_dict dictionary.

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The bot created using this library will get trained automatically with the response it gets from the user. In this python chatbot tutorial, we’ll use exciting NLP libraries and learn how to make a chatbot in Python from scratch. An end-to-end chatbot refers to a chatbot that can handle a complete conversation from start to finish without requiring human assistance.

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The ChatterBot library comes with some corpora that you can use to train your chatbot. However, at the time of writing, there are some issues if you try to use these resources straight out of the box. In line 8, you create a while loop that’ll keep metadialog.com looping unless you enter one of the exit conditions defined in line 7. Finally, in line 13, you call .get_response() on the ChatBot instance that you created earlier and pass it the user input that you collected in line 9 and assigned to query.


A JSON file by the name ‘intents.json’, which will contain all the necessary text that is required to build our chatbot. To select a response to your input, ChatterBot uses the BestMatch logic adapter by default. This logic adapter uses the Levenshtein distance to compare the input string to all statements in the database.

chatbot using python

The response will also be included in the JSON where the chatbot will respond to user queries. Whenever the user enters a query, it is compared with all words and the intent is determined, based upon which a response is generated. Python chatbot AI that helps in creating a python based chatbot with
minimal coding.

How To Build Your Own Custom ChatGPT With Custom Knowledge Base

They can answer user queries by understanding the text and finding the most appropriate response. Modules are nothing but a library that consists of reusable code that performs desired function when it gets invoked. It can be invoked into a program code with the help of an import statement. Pyttsx3 is one of the modules in python which takes text as input and results in speech as an output. A reflection is a dictionary that proves advantageous in maintaining essential input and corresponding outputs. You can also create your own dictionary where all the input and outputs are maintained.

chatbot using python

We also saw how the technology has evolved over the past 50 years. In the second article of this chatbot series, learn how to build a rule-based chatbot and discuss the business applications of them. Sometimes the questions added are not related to available questions, and sometimes some letters are forgotten to write in the chat. At that time, the bot will not answer any questions, but another function is forward. Build libraries should be avoided if you want to have a thorough understanding of how a chatbot operates in Python. In 1994, Michael Mauldin was the first to coin the term “chatterbot” as Julia.


Embark on the journey of gaining in-depth knowledge in AIML through Great Learning’s Best Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Courses. Enroll in the program that enhances your career and earn a certificate of course completion. If an account with this email id exists, you will receive instructions to reset your password. Python includes support for regular expression through the re package. It will select the answer by bot randomly instead of the same act.

  • NLP helps translate text or speech from one language to another.
  • Another way to compare is by finding the cosine similarity score of the query vector with all other vectors.
  • As far as business is concerned, Chatbots contribute a fair amount of revenue to the system.
  • The bot will be able to respond to greetings (Hi, Hello etc.) and will be able to answer questions about the bank’s hours of operation.
  • An Omegle Chatbot for promotion of Social media content or use it to increase views on YouTube.
  • You can imagine that training your chatbot with more input data, particularly more relevant data, will produce better results.

Another way to compare is by finding the cosine similarity score of the query vector with all other vectors. However, the choice of technique depends upon the type of dataset. It is one of the most powerful libraries for performing NLP tasks. It is written in Cython and can perform a variety of tasks like tokenization, stemming, stop word removal, and finding similarities between two documents. NLP helps translate text or speech from one language to another. It’s fast, ideal for looking through large chunks of data (whether simple text or technical text), and reduces translation cost.

Learn How To Make Simple Mobile Applications Using This Kivy Tutorial In Python

In our case, we have 17 words in our library, So, we will represent each sentence using 17 numbers. We will mark ‘1’ where the word is present and ‘0’ where the word is absent. Understanding the recipe requires you to understand a few terms in detail. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with it but if you think you know about them already, you may directly jump to the Recipe section. You can also swap out the database back end by using a different storage adapter and connect your Django ChatterBot to a production-ready database.


This is a fail-safe response in case the chatbot is unable to extract any relevant keywords from the user input. The first thing we’ll need to do is import the packages/libraries we’ll be using. WordNet is a lexical database that defines semantical relationships between words. We’ll be using WordNet to build up a dictionary of synonyms to our keywords. This will help us expand our list of keywords without manually having to introduce every possible word a user could use. In this second part of the series, we’ll be taking you through how to build a simple Rule-based chatbot in Python.

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Can you recall the last time you interacted with customer service? There’s a chance you were contacted by a bot rather than human customer support professional. We will here discuss how to build a simple Chatbot in Python and its benefits in Blog Post ChatBot Building Using Python. The chatbot will look something like this, which will have a textbox where we can give the user input, and the bot will generate a response for that statement. With increased responses, the accuracy of the chatbot also increases. After you’ve completed that setup, your deployed chatbot can keep improving based on submitted user responses from all over the world.

chatbot using python

Neural networks calculate the output from the input using weighted connections. They are computed from reputed iterations while training the data. AI-based Chatbots are a much more practical solution for real-world scenarios. In the next blog in the series, we’ll be looking at how to build a simple AI-based Chatbot in Python.

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