Mobile Application Automation Testing Made Easy with Xamarin Test Cloud

In this guide, explore Xamarin, its features and benefits, and how to perform Xamarin testing of websites and applications. You will note that your tests will not compile at this point. That is because the server is dependent on .NET Framework 4.6 and the test project is created with .NET Framework 4.5. Both test and main project must be configured to use the same version of the .NET Framework. Right-click the test project, select Properties, then change the version of the .NET Framework to match your main project. The other methods are straight out of the standard table controller.

You can also use the third-party controls as they can provide additional support for Xamarin.Forms developers. The proficiency of Xamarin is attributed to the mix of factors – C# language, mobile development, and architecture patterns such as MVC and MVVM. It can be challenging to learn all the fundamentals at once, but it is important to build a learning plan to help you understand the basic concepts quickly. The applications that are loaded with a lot of graphics or utilize a lot of user interactions take a long time to develop using Xamarin. The native design is a great solution for any application.

Does BrowserStack support Xamarin UI tests?

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Mobile Xamarin testing

In this Xamarin testing guide, we’ll look at how to perform real-time and automated testing of your Xamarin applications. Doing so ensures that your product requirements are shipped within stipulated timelines, allowing you to get timely customer feedback. As LambdaTest supports running tests on cloud-based infrastructure, you do not have to spend additional time or money configuring your test environment. When you are in the normal development cycle, you should be doing the first three on a very regular basis throughout the day.

Mobile Cloud Testing: Myth or Fact?

Worked on various testing tools such as Perfecto Mobile , Selenium, Appium, See Test, and Remote Test Kit. Visual Studio Community is a good fit for students, open-source projects, small development teams with up to 5 users. The Community package is also good for teams that are new to Visual Studio. After the company was acquired by Microsoft in February 2016, Xamarin licensing policies underwent radical changes.

Mobile Xamarin testing

So I would suggest keep this configuration in a separate branch build and opt back to the main branch for production release. Unless its a must, make sure to use the Native HttpClientHandlers for your HttpClient, which will increase the performance and native security features for your app. Now this post is not about securing or hardening the security of your mobile app, but rather how to prepare your Xamarin.Forms built app for QA and PEN Testing procedures. Is basically a set of libraries for C# to help write unit tests. Is the framework that validates the functionality of Android and iOS Apps.

Θ Slightly Delayed Support for the Latest Platform Updates

The developers can write all of their business logic in a single language that helps to achieve the desired performance in the long run. The code can also be easily reused, which optimizes performance. Xamarin is an open-source framework that offers cross-platform application development using the C# programming language.

Mobile Xamarin testing

Visual Studio Enterprise has stronger support tools and services. The Enterprise Version also has priority support, partner offers, and much more. Although Xamarin is a free open-source platform for individual developers, the framework may cost a pretty penny for enterprise needs. You will spend a lot to purchase a license for Visual Studio. For instance, Visual Studio Professional with the core set of development tools costs $1,199 for the first year and $799 for renewal. At the same time, a Visual Studio Enterprise, which enables experimenting with additional tools, will cost $5,999 for the first year and $2,569 for renewal.


React Native has been given tough competition to the Xamarin framework in the past few years. That is why more and more companies are shifting their focus to React Native due to the larger community and developer support. We discussed the pros and cons of using Xamarin as a reliable framework for cross-platform development, but you need to know what works best for you and your development requirements. Xamarin can be expensive for enterprise users since the free platform is only limited to individual developers. Easily bind with the same APIs and UI controls used to build the iOS, Android, Windows and macOS apps in their platform-supported languages. The same codebase can be used for both platforms without remembering the syntax related to different languages every time.

Appium is an open source test automation framework for use with native, hybrid, and mobile web apps. It drives iOS and Android apps using the WebDriver protocol. Appium is sponsored by Sauce Labs and a thriving community of open source developers. Xamarin is an active free and open-source development platform for building a slew of applications across iOS, Android, and even computer-based operating systems. The beauty of mobile app test automation is that it simplifies all complex tests and makes it easy to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you want the advantages of cloud testing and you are using Xamarin.UITest, App Center is a good option to consider. To test your Xamarin apps, you can leverage LambdaTest’s real device cloud that allows you to test Xamarin applications across a wide range of browsers and OS combinations. The success of Xamarin websites and apps relies on multiple teams that work in close collaboration to deliver desired outcomes. The testing is performed by both developments as well as testing teams. Xamarin does not support all the available third-party libraries for Android and iOS, and developers need to spend additional time and effort on the required new elements. Share code, and manage business logic requirements across platforms.

  • It uses the C# programming language and the .NET framework to develop cross-platform applications.
  • The talent pool can only get better if there are more and more professionals that learn and implement this platform for real-world projects.
  • Xamarin applications are compiled into native code, which can provide better performance, faster development cycles, and easier maintenance compared to other cross-platform development frameworks.
  • In the TestFixtureSetup method, in some situations, a single test may require its own test fixture.
  • You will need to register the UDID for each iOS beta tester.
  • With OSS, you can keep using the software for as long as you like.
  • The proficiency of Xamarin is attributed to the mix of factors – C# language, mobile development, and architecture patterns such as MVC and MVVM.

The apps can be debugged straight from the desktop or on devices and emulators. If you plan to develop iOS apps on Windows, it’s also possible as Visual Studio connects to the iOS storyboard designer and iOS simulator. There’s also Visual Studio for Mac which allows for running a simulator on the Mac or directly on a tethered iPhone. Xamarin supports building apps for Apple and Android Watch devices. Engineers can use Visual Studio both for Mac and Windows to build iOS Apple Watch apps. The platform was built by the developers behind Mono, an open source development platform based on the .NET Framework, led by Miguel de Icaza and first introduced in 2001.

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